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Welcome to Titans Judgment

Thank you for taking the time to visit. Titans Judgment is a guild founded by friends wanting to form a place to both raid and enjoy what the game still has to offer.  We focus on 10 man raiding content working towards end game in that area.  We chose as a guild to steer from 25 man raids only because of the more family and fun atmosphere that awaits in 10 man and due to the ease in which groups are able to form 10 well rounded/geared/skilled players quicker then 25 man.  Also we strive to be a small functional guild with just as many players we need to do our raids and push foward that way all members are able to raid and to participate rather then being put on the sideline for any reason.  Please take the time to look around this website is a work in progress, all interested players should check out the general forum for more details on what we are, our rules, and our structure.

What are we recruiting currently: This is a open ended question with this guild, we are always looking for new members but never actively looking for them.  We have pledged to remain a small guild with no more then 25 active raiding members at any time.  The reason behind this is we feel that inorder to fill our goal as a guild running 10man raid content and enjoying that we do not need to be an overwhelming membership guild just a smaller guild with more active members participating.  We keep it small because with less people no one ever has to sit out a raid and can always have a greater chance of getting gear.  How we do this is classes such as paladin/warrior/druid/shammy/priest/death knights, classes that can preform two roles whether they be dps/tank, heals/dps, tank/heals are asked to do so with help funding that from the guild.  Also this allows those same members to build their main spec and off spec sets quicker.  For information or to fill out a application to our guild please check under the general forums sections there you can find the recruitment application.

Thank you and enjoy!!
The family of Titans Judgment.

Other Guild News

Founding Member Meeting Results

Koioss, Apr 9, 10 10:03 AM.
Congratulations to our new officers:
Results from Founding Members monthly meeting:
GM: Zini
Guild Banker: Sylerlia
Raid Organizer: Exodious/ Dryx
New Founding Member Perfectdeath

Congratulations to all of you!!

Also all members be ready for a new raid group forming membership is growing and nobody should be left out so we will be recruiting :)
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